[Ocean Sunset] Biologinė detalių plovykla su bakterijomis Ocean sunset SRI-TECH [Ocean Sunset]

Kodas: Ocean Sunset

Plovyklos talpa l. 100
Plovyklos matmenys 1080 x 905 x 650
Darbinės zonos matmenys 790 x 420 x 180
Mirkymo talpos tūris l. 30

2 283,63 € Su PVM
1 887,30 € Be PVM

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Prekės informacija

[Ocean Sunset] Biological Parts Washer with Bacteria Ocean sunset SRI-TECH [Ocean Sunset]
Washer tank capacity, l                        100
Washer dimensions        1080 x 905 x 650
Working area dimensions 790 x 420 x 180
Soaking tank volume, l                  30
Maximum load, kg                        100
Pump capacity, l/h               1140
Heating element power, W           1000
Standard temperature, 0C             38
Temperature in "Boost" mode, 0C         43
Power supply, V                        230
Empty washer weight, kg             46
Warranty, months                         12

New generation biological parts washer operates without chemicals or aggressive solvents, does not harm the worker or the environment. This washer uses microorganisms that convert petroleum products into their food and energy source. This process reduces parts washing costs and increases efficiency.
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