[EEWAEU553H1] 3D ratų suvedimo stendas V3400 JOHN BEAN [EEWAEU553H1]

Kodas: EEWAEU553H1
27 423,20 € Su PVM
22 663,80 € Be PVM

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Prekės informacija

- Measuring cameras that automatically select the working height depending on the height at which the car is lifted on the lift
- Self-calibration function is implemented
- Measuring targets without electronic components
- External dimensions of the stroller (width x length) 645x540mm
- Power supply 230V
- Wireless communication between the measurement system and the targets
- Data archive of all calibration procedures
- Device menu in Lithuanian
- The stand has a program for self-diagnostics and measuring sensors
- Ability to transmit data stably and display measurement results in real time
- Ability to restore the factory calibration parameters of the bench
- Ability to display wheel geometry adjustment procedures in demo mode
- Help menu. Text tips and instructions during measurement
- 3D animated graphic explanatory images of car adjustments
- Instructions for tools, parts and adjustments
- Login of different users
- car database with factory chassis parameters of car manufacturers
- car database since 1980
- car geometry adjustment procedures according to the requirements of car manufacturers
- selection of cars by region

Complete set:
- Stands for measuring cameras 2 pcs.
- Measuring chamber lifters 2 pcs.
- An additional camera to ensure the level between the measuring cameras
- Personal computer for device management with a licensed Windows operating system or equivalent, 24" liquid crystal monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse and special software for displaying measurement results, collecting measurement reports and customer database, mobile cabinet with wheels
- Device software
- Front turning plates - 2 pcs.
- Brake pedal blocker
- Steering wheel lock
- A set of grippers for fixing measuring targets on car wheels, 4 pcs.
- Set of measuring targets 4 pcs.
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