[EEWAEU541G1] 3D ratų suvedimo stendas V2100 TILT EEWAEU541G1 John Bean [EEWAEU541G1]

Kodas: EEWAEU541G1
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Using advanced imaging technology, the V2100 provides accurate measurements in real-time, reducing set-up and measurement times while generating serious productivity gains. Combined with the latest software, the John Bean® V2100 wheel alignment stand will provide readings to your technicians in minutes.

A completely new user interface with three levels of intervention - "Compensate", "Warn", "Warning" - with corrective actions clearly indicated, as well as additional information, just one click away.

A next-generation user interface with intelligent predictive summation flow:

Quick access to car history from home

All new, optimized graphic display for maximum
For clarity.

Video-speed cameras constantly monitor the bridging process and provide critical information needed to get the job done right:

detecting common environmental conditions and vehicle problems that cause axle misalignment Patented VODI™ (Vehicle Orientation Indicator) guides the technician through the measurement process, reducing time spent walking back and forth from the vehicle to the alignment stand.
Patented EZ-TOE system allows you to turn the front wheels and reach hard-to-reach alignment points while still displaying centered readings

Passive front and rear sights improve durability by having no electronics that can fail

Possibility of two or four wheels

The web interface automatically downloads specifications and software updates

Internet connection provided by the owner is required
One-year specifications are provided
One-time renewals and 1-5 year subscriptions can be purchased separately
AC100 grippers: Quick and easy to use. Self-centering design for accurate measurement of vehicle dimensions. Double-sided claws eliminate attachments and allow even hubcaps to be securely clamped.

Rim diameter: 13” - 22”
Carriage width: 122-244cm (48-96”)
Wheelbase: 201-457cm (79-180”)
Power requirements: 230 V 1Ph 50 / 60Hz
AC100 wheel grippers
Steering wheel holder
Brake pedal depressor
Color inkjet printer
Two wheel supports
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