Induction heater POWERDUCTION 220LG 066861 GYS

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Product Information

• Heating and straightening of bent frames (except HLE steel).
• loosening of screws, steering ball joints without damaging the bellows.
• removal of jammed cardans in the hub.
• elimination of exhaust lines.
• annealing of metal parts
• heating for bending
• soldering
• shrinkage.
• Heating power:
22 kW, selectable in 2200 W steps.
Heats the metal core and it turns red (about 800°C):
• Security and time saving:
Instant heating without flame in a specific area, it can be used near cables, pipes or other heat-sensitive parts, avoiding the possibility of disassembling them.
• Easy to use:
6 meter induction cable that allows you to work at height or anywhere the heater does not fit.
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