The JSC “Baltic Automotive Diagnostic Systems“,  “BADS“ for short, sells car workshop equipment, automotive diagnostic equipment, tools, compressed air systems and other equipment for garages and industry. It also has been providing consulting, installation and repair services since 2001. The JSC “BADS“ is engaged in wholesale and retail trade, the company is one of the best known companies in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Also BADS manufacturing and design and sell automotive training equipment for vocational schools, colleges and universities under AutoEDU brand.

What we do:

  • Wholesale and retail trade of automotive diagnostic equipment, garage equipment and tools
  • Car service equipment installation, maintenance and repair services
  • Maintenance and repair of auto diagnostic equipment
  • Car diagnostic workshops, skills training courses and adult training
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of compressed air pipes
  • Sale, maintenance and repair of air compressors
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of oil and lubrication systems, oil supply piping and lubrication accounting systems
  • Sale, installation, maintenance, and repair of the car and truck painting booths and body geometry and repair stands
  • Design, manufacture and wholesale of automotive training equipment

Most of the products and services come from our customers’ specific requests or technological innovations. Car service stations follow the requirements of the car manufacturers, and our job is to offer the latest and the best car service equipment that meets the customers’ needs. We offer training with the equipment. Our company staff is constantly involved in training organized by the equipment manufacturers, which allows us to transfer the latest information to our customers. Several times a year we organize trainings with equipment manufacturers, who are invited to introduce the most advanced equipment, car repair technologies and innovations.

Both large and small garage needs a two post lift, automotive diagnostic equipment, wheel balancer or tire changer, air compressor with a larger or smaller compressed air piping system. The installation of a larger service requires additional knowledge combining equipment, performance and tool selection. A very large garage (eg.: a trucks and heavy vehicle service station) has high requirements for the efficiency and quality of the equipment.

For such a car service, it is necessary to have a car exhaust gas extraction system, oil and oil supply systems, a specific pipeline for construction work, electricity, water, compressed air and other buses.

After installing a car service station and installing car workshop equipment, it is also necessary to purchase car diagnostic equipment or even a simple OBD scaner, and to bring the knowledge to the customer from a very beginning steps of vehicles diagnostics and maintenance, to offer an most advanced info system AUTODATA. An independent car service station no longer comes with one device today, therefore a complex solution consisting of several different diagnostic devices is required.

Our company is the representative of many well-known diagnostic equipment manufacturers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Wholesaling also requires appropriate follow-up service, related training and other product-related services. The JSC “BADS“ has a 100 m² training center, where trainings, courses and other services are provided for both the user and the representative or distributor.

Our company is exceptional as it develops, designs and manufactures automotive training equipment under the brand AutoEDU –

Export and wholesale of the JSC „BADS“

Implemented projects of the JSC “BADS“ outside Lithuania:

Car service station in Cambodia with lifts, painting chamber, compressed air piping and other equipment;

Training Center in Tyva Republic (Russia) – training equipment, vehicles diagnostic equipment, exhaust ventilation, etc.;

Training Center in Murmansk (Russia) – training equipment, autodiagnostic equipment, exhaust ventilation, etc.

Training center in Tajikistan, two schools equipped with the workshop equipment like two post lifts, roller brake stands, air-conditioning service stations, diagnostic equipment and measuring tools, tire changers and wheel balancers, automotive training equipment and etc.

AutoEDU Equipment manufactured by our company went to such countries like:

Australia, VW Training Center;

Peru, Lima – equipment for training centers;

Iceland, a training center in Reykjavik;

Republic of South Africa (RSA);

Namibia and Uganda – training equipment for universities and other educational institutions.

Countries to which our company exports: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Ireland, Belarus, Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA, Australia, Sweden, India, Japan, Oman, Palestine and others.

Participation of the JSC “BADS“ in exhibition

Since the establishment of the company, the JSC “BADS“ has been participating in specialized exhibitions in Lithuania since 2001. We participated in exhibitions such as “Altas“, “Transbaltica“, “Automechanika“ and “Mechanika“ in Vilnius. We are actively participating in the exhibitions “Kaunas Autodienos“ that take place in Kaunas, as well as in the car exhibitions in Klaipeda city.

The JSC “BADS“ participated in the international exhibitions and introduced equipment for training of mechanics with specially designed and registered company trademark AutoEDU:

Exhibition “Automechanika“ 2013 – Moscow

Exhibition “Auto & Repair Shop“ 2014 – Helsinki

Exhibition “Automechanika“ 2014 – Frankfurt

Exhibition “World Didac“ 2014 – Basel

Exhibition “Automechanika“ Dubai 2016

Exhibition “Automechanika“ Frankfurt 2016

teikiame konsultacijas. Exhibition “World Education“ days 2016 Bern

Exhibition “Automechanika“ 2018 Frankfurt

Exhibition “World Education days“ 2018 Bern

Cooperation with educational institutions. The JSC “BADS“ cooperates with Lithuanian and foreign countries educational institutions. We make together, projects, make training, and consults. We help to renew the educational workshops or we help to establish the training laboratories educational car workshops from very first steps. The most successful project is worth 1.1 million euros.

We collaborate with constructional and design organizations. Often, BADS are the first company to be approached by design organizations or architects when a workshop is still in the design stage. The sketch is transformed into a project only after a clear list of the car service equipment and other equipment layout is prepared, energy consumption and performance is calculated, the foundation of the equipment is built. All this information is needed for designing new objects. The JSC “BADS“ is always ready to collaborate, share the experience gained through various projects and connect with the equipment manufacturers with whom we have direct contact.

Cooperation with public sector companies. We often participate in public tenders in Lithuania and through partners abroad. We help state organizations by making estimates and preparing technical conditions. We collaborate, if you need professional help, we also identify failures, defects and make repair estimates. We make suggestions, consult and help implement projects. We always work responsibly, offer quality equipment with the right set and functionality. Since the JSC “BADS“ has a sufficiently large capacity to implement state projects, it participates in public procurement in Lithuania and other countries.

Company goals, plans, structure, and standards. The JSC “Baltic automotive diagnostic systems“ has been providing quality and advanced equipment for car repair and maintenance since 2001.  Taking into account the company’s experience and capabilities, we raise the following goals:

Be a professional, reliable and advanced supplier of the car workshop equipment, auto diagnostics, and other industrial equipment in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia;

Become a well-known and recognized manufacturer and supplier of educational and car service equipment in Europe and worldwide;

Participate in international projects and combine the use of car service equipment and automotive training equipment for car repair specialists or professionals

Since 2017, the JSC “BADS“ has started to implement and apply ISO 9001/2015 quality management system standards and 14001/2015 nature protection standards. Standards include company activities, structure, nature protection and work safety. Standards are implemented both for the proper use and optimization of the company’s internal resources, and for our customers, who need to know how and with whom they have to carry out common projects.

Who is the JSC “BADS“?

“BADS“ is the JSC “Baltic Automotive Diagnostic Systems“,  the first letters of the company’s long name. The company’s long name at the beginning of the  commercial activity described the company’s activities, as the company was selling automotive diagnostic equipment. The range of equipment offered a little later has been extended to other garage equipment, car lifts, brake test stands, painting booths, air compressors, compressed air lines, tools, and other equipment and services. Later, even competitors tried to copy the name of a successful company, also using the website of the JSC BADS, to create similar names or similar websites. The company has been active since 2001 and is the strongest supplier of automotive diagnostic equipment and garage equipment. We always try to provide and install quality workshop equipment on time, and we try to ensure the right price-quality ratio for the customers.

Appealing to the customer

Dear colleague, if you are going to build a new, or to renovate an old car repair station, you need a car lift or a professional screwdriver, or you need to buy a car diagnostics, our company is ready to help and consult you. We can offer quality solutions for your business. Every customer is important to us – engaged in individual activity, industrial company, aircraft or aircraft repair depot, farmer or training institution.

We have implemented a number of projects. To learn more about us or our projects, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information you are interested in.

On behalf of

The JSC “Baltic Automotive Diagnostic Systems” sales and technical team

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