These terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships related to the purchase of goods such as garage equipment, tools and diagnostic equipment between the people and the purchase environment of the owner of (hereafter the company‘s “BADS”e-shop).

The JSC “BADS” has the right to unilaterally modify and supplement the terms and conditions by posting new terms on the website and in the online store If the customer has placed an order before the new rules come into force, the legal relationship between the customer and the JSC “BADS” are valid at the time of placing the order, unless otherwise provided by law.

Customer may save and print conditions before he purchases the garage equipment, tools, diagnostic equipment, etc. and buying in the e-shop, agrees with the rules.

In addition to the rules, purchasing at e-shop, legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania are applied.


Customer chooses desired items or services at the e-store and loads them into the shopping cart.

Customer chooses the method of picking up the order and location in the “BADS”

Customer confirms the shopping cart and pays for the goods in the purchase environment offered by “BADS”. Before paying for the invoice received, the customer checks whether the account details match the customer’s actual wishes.

The JSC “BADS” confirms the receipt of the order and payment by e-mail specified by the client. If the confirmation email is not received, please contact the staff of our company, call by phone +370 37 337842 or at any other designated telephone or e-mail indicated in our CONTACTS on workdays from 8.00 to 17.00.

The invoice is sent with the goods or by e-mail at the customer’s request.

The sales contract enters into force when the payable amount stated in the order confirmation reaches the billing account of the JSC “Baltic Automotive Diagnostic System“.


All prices in an e-mail store are in euros, including 21 percent VAT.

For registered loyal customers of “BADS”, email shop has valid discounts for loyal customers agreed by “BADS” under individual written agreements.

Customer that buys in an e-store, the full price of the sale and delivery of the product is paid in advance. Payment is made outside the online store at the customer’s choice, JSC SWEDBANK, JSC DNB or JSC SEB bank payment environment. “BADS” does not have access to customer‘s bank and credit card data.

In case the customer does not arrive to pick up the goods at “BADS”, a shipping fee is counted to the price of the goods, unless it is a garage equipment such as lifts, wheel mounting and balancing equipment, painting cameras, air compressors, brake stands, air conditioner filling stations, wheel aligners or other heavy equipment to be fitted, lifting machinery and installation services.


The goods can be ordered at the “BADS” store or at the address indicated by the customer by courier service. e-shop orders are reviewed on workdays from 8:00 am. until 17:00. Orders submitted on Saturdays and Sundays also on public holidays are reviewed on the next workday. This procedure is also valid for picking up an order at the “BADS” store.

Picking up of the car service equipment, tools, diagnostic equipment, or other items at the “BADS” store:

The goods can be picked up at the “BADS” store during workhours from 8.00 am. until 5:00 pm.

The goods are given to the customers on presentation of an identity document (identity card, passport, driving license) and contract order number. If the customer does not have an identity document, the employee of “BADS” reserves the right not to issue the goods.

The JSC “BADS” is not responsible for any damage caused to a customer if, due to circumstances beyond the control of “BADS”, third parties have received a copy of the account or a unique order number and on their basis, the goods were delivered to them.

When ordering goods and picking them up from the “BADS”store, delivery fee is not calculated.

In the event that the customer does not arrive to pick up the goods for more than 14 calendar days, “BADS”considers that the customer has refused the order and “BADS” will return the purchase amount to the customer without delay, but not later than in 14 calendar days, to the same bank account from which the payment was made, unless the customer requests in written form or by e-mail to pay for the goods but for no longer than in 30 calendar days from the date of request.

By choosing the method of picking up the goods from the “BADS” store, you will be informed by phone or e-mail about the possibility to pick up the goods.

Delivery by courier

If you choose to deliver the goods by the courier, a delivery free is charged to the item price. In case the order price exceeds 80 EUR, the delivery fee will not be calculated, except for the cases listed on (see delivery terms).

If you choose to deliver the goods by courier, the order will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer. The courier coordinates the exact delivery time with the customer.

The customer must ensure the acceptance of goods at the agreed time and address. In case the delivery of goods due to reasons beyond the courier fails twice, the goods are returned to the terminal of the courier company. In this case, the buyer can contact the courier within 14 days and ask for the goods to be delivered to the delivery address indicated by the buyer. If the above-mentioned attempts to deliver the goods to the customer fail, “BADS” will consider that the customer has declined the order and the procedure of picking up goods from the company “BADS” provided in these rules will be applied. “BADS” will return the purchase amount to the customer without delay, but not later than in 14 calendar days, to the same bank account from which the payment was made.

Review of the goods

When accepting the goods, the customer undertakes to open the packaging of the goods carefully without damaging the packaging and the goods. In case the customer has damaged the packaging due to negligence or if the packaging could be opened without damaging it, “BADS” has the right to claim for compensation for the damage when returning the goods. In case it is not possible to open the packaging without damaging or breaking it, the customer is not responsible for damage of the packaging.

If the customer notices that the item was inappropriate or defective at the time of receiving the goods or if the product reaches the customer in a damaged and open packaging, our company personnel must be informed immediately, or call +370 37 337842 or by any other telephone or email indicated in our CONTACTS on workdays from 8:00 to 17:00.

During transportation, “BADS” is responsible for the goods purchased by the customer. From the moment the goods are picked up, the risk of damage or loss of the goods is passed on to the customer.


“BADS” uses personal data provided by the customer and details of purchases made which are required for fulfilling the orders placed in the customer’s e-shop in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. “BADS” does not transfer customer’s personal data to third parties, except for companies providing postal or courier services to the extent necessary to deliver the goods.

“BADS” does not have access to e-banking access data and customer‘s accounts if the customer pays for the goods through electronic banking.

Company “BADS” reserves the right to send information about the goods and offers of its partners by e-mail and telephone. The customer has the right to refuse the information sent and / or to delete all customer information from the BADS database (except for information required to fulfill “BADS” obligations to the customer (such as warranty service, etc.).


The customer has the right, without giving any reason, to terminate the contract within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods at the e-store.

To return the goods, the customer must complete the return request and to return it with the item to the “BADS” store or, when returning the product by courier, contact the staff of our company by email or call +370 37 337842 on workdays from 8:00 to 17:00.

Using the right of return, the customer must return the goods to the “BADS” store no later than 14 days after submitting the application form.

If for any reason the purchased item is not suitable, the customer has the right to return the item to the “BADS” We recommend to the customer all the goods he wants to return, return or deliver at the same time. Direct costs related to return are paid by the customer. The returned item must not be used and must be in its original packaging.

In case the customer cancelled the contract, “BADS” returns the purchase amount to the customer with the delivery fee immediately, but no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of the transfering the request to cancel the contract to “BADS”. The money is returned to the same bank account from which the payment was made.

In case the customer damaged the returned goods intentionally or negligently, “BADS” has the right to refuse to accept the goods or to claim compensation for the incurred losses.


The JSC “BADS” is responsible for the compliance with the requirements and for defects of the goods according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The customer must submit the claim in writing by e-mail or at the company’s “BADS” store. The claim must contain the customer’s name and contact details, the date of claim submission, the defects of the goods, the content of the claim and attach the proof of purchase.

The JSC “BADS” is not responsible for the damage caused to the customer or the delay delivering products if the damage or delay delivering products is due to the circumstances which the JSC “BADS” could not influence and the occurrence of which was not foreseen or could not be foreseen by the JSC “BADS” (force majeure).

The JSC “BADS” is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the goods ordered for non-intended use, including cases when the delay occurs due to incorrect data provided by the client.

The parties settle disputes between the JSC “BADS” and the client through negotiations. If the agreement is not reached, the parties have the right to apply to the Consumer Rights Protection Service or the Kaunas District Court. A subordination agreement is also concluded in cases when the buyer who has concluded the agreement moves abroad, or if he moves his or her place of business or establishment there or if the place of business, residence or stay is not known at the time of the application.


During repair, the staff of the company “BADS” repairs the faults and defects found in the customer’s item and indicated by the customer. Malfunctions and defects are recorded in a written service order confirmation.

Maintenance is a regular preventive work required to ensure the long-term operation of the unit according to the manufacturer’s operating instructions or the maintenance logbook.

Maintenance is not a reconstruction or replacement of the device.

The company “BADS” may demand payment for making the estimate of the repair. The company “BADS” does not have to follow the repair estimate, but it can’t really deviate from it.

If it is not possible to determine the deadline for completion of the work during the transfer of the item for repair or maintenance, the term for identifying the defect in the item is determined. The client is informed about the deadline for performing the work on the day of the fault detection.

During maintenance or repair, “BADS” uses its own materials.

Removal of other faults and defects detected by “BADS” during maintenance or repair work is done in agreement with the customer.

“BADS” undertakes to register maintenance work in the maintenance log, if the customer submits the maintenance log to “BADS”.


Product warranty is granted under these terms. The consumer based on these terms is a natural person in that case if the purchase of goods is not related to his or her independent economic or professional activity.

If material, construction or assembly errors occur during the warranty period, the provider of the guarantee organizes a free repair of the goods,if the product or equipment is not installed or assembled stationary.

If the products cannot be repaired or if the guarantor thinks that it is not economically feasible, the party that has given the guarantee replaces the item free of charge.

If the goods are not repaired or if the guarantor does not consider it appropriate but it is not possible to replace the item (primarily because the same product is not produced), the guarantor of the commercial guarantee refunds the money paid for the goods.


it is not possible to determine the serial number of the item;

product failure is due to improper use;

product failure is due to natural wear;

product failure is related to unusual external environment impacts (excessive humidity, heat, etc.);

product failure occurred due to an accident (eg. fall);

product failure is due to non-compliance with the user instructions of the product or any other document accompanying the product;

product maintenance logbook, instruction manual, or other document attached to the product contains periodic maintenance interval for the item and the customer did not apply in time for maintenance to the guarantee office.


at the end of the guarantee period;

if the serial number of the product is removed or damaged;

if the item has been repaired by another person not guarantor;

If the product material, construction or assembly failure occurs during the warranty period the customer has the right to contact the “BADS” store, which can be found at, during the warranty period.

When applying to the guarantor, the customer must deliver the product to be repaired and describe the failure. At the request of the guaranteeing representative, the customer must provide a document confirming the purchase of the product (eg. bill, etc.).

The guarantor will repair the item free of charge within a reasonable time (necessary to repair). Guarantee provider informs the customer by phone or email that the product has been repaired. The repaired item is taken back by the customer at the same location as it was brought to repair, unless otherwise agreed.

If the products cannot be repaired or, in the opinion of the person providing the sales guarantee, it is not economically feasible, the guarantor shall contact the customer by telephone or e-mail informing about the day when the customer will be able to take the changed item. The customer will take back the replaced item at the same place where he delivered it for repair.

If the items are not repaired or if the guarantor considers it inappropriate but the replacement of the product is not possible and the guarantor has decided to return the money paid for the product, the guarantor informs the customer by phone or e-mail. In this case, the customer must write the application in free form and indicate the number of his / her bank account to which the guarantor could repay the money paid for the product. The guarantor returns the money within 14 days of receiving the customer’s bank account number. Returning money to a third party is only possible with the written request of the client.

The guarantor shall not compensate the customer for the costs and losses of transporting the goods, which the customer experiences due to the fact that it is impossible to use the equipment during its failure and repair period. In no case will the guarantor compensate the client for the loss of income.

The warranty period is extended for the period for which the goods were repaired. The specified period starts on the day the customer delivers the goods for repair and ends on the day when the guarantor informs the customer that the item has been repaired.

If the guarantor replaces the item for free, the warranty does not restart in respect of the changed item. The initial guarantee is extended for the period the original product was repaired. The specified period begins on the day the customer brings the goods for repair and ends on the day the guarantor informs the customer that the changed item can be taken back.

In addition to the rights associated with the warranty, the customer who is a consumer also has other statutory rights.

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