Welding device TIG TITANIUM 400 AC/DC TRI without accessories 013568 GYS

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DC standard: DC welding on most ferrous materials.
DC pulse: Limits the heat supply to the parts to be welded. Ideal for very thin sheets.
AC standard: welding of aluminum and its alloys (Al, AlSi, AlMg, AlMn...).
AC pulse: limits the rise of heat input to the parts to be welded. Ideal for very thin sheets.
AC Mix: Alternating between AC and DC increases the performance of aluminum assemblies.
Ideal for WPQR and WPS (EXPERT and ADVANCED) compliance.
Welding accessory calibration mode to adjust voltage measurement improves energy calculation. ENERGY mode, display, energy calculation after welding meet the standards.
MMA: coated, rutile, basic and cellulose electrodes (up to Ø 8 mm).
MMA AC: allows welding without magnetic arc interference.
MMA pulse: designed for welding in a vertical position.
4 gluing modes: - "Spot" / "Multi Spot": traditional gluing before welding a thin sheet.
- Tack / Multi Tack: extremely precise adhesion and without oxidation reduces the risk of heat transfer.
2 types of actuation: HF (non-contact) or LIFT (contact) for electrically sensitive environments.
3 launch modes: 2T, 4T and 4T LOG
Automatic torch detection: compatible with trigger, double button and potentiometer torches.
SYNERGIC mode: offers a configuration adapted to the type of welding by entering 3 data:
material type, weld thickness and welding position.
E-TIG mode: provides constant bead width and penetration regardless of the position of the torch relative to the part
(welding energy control).
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