TWO-SPEED tire mounting machine GR900LT.N

Reference: GR900LT.N2v
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Professional automatic tire changer - TWO-SPEED for car repair shops and vulcanization workshops.
It supports light commercial vehicle wheels and, with the use of a special adapter, motorcycles. Self-centering table supports wheels from 10" to 24".
The tire changer automatically tilts the column forward/backward and its locking is done pneumatically. Its unique structure ensures a constant and even compression force for all wheel sizes in this category.
It has 4 self-centering jaw system, right/left table rotation.
Single-stage impactor cylinder, standard with plastic cover to handle aluminum rims.
The steel from which the device is made is cast from a perfect alloy, with a special shape and durability. The tire changer uses reinforced alloy air splitters behind the pedals
, which adjust the machine to extend their service life and increase work efficiency without breakdowns. The tire changer has a very sturdy attachment for removing Run-Flat and PAX low profile tires. Thanks to this attachment, you can remove all the tires from the rim with virtually no power by using the up-down joystick.
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