AUTOMATIC wheel balancer WB600 Nortec

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Product Information

Detailed product description
balancing programs for cars and motorcycles, static, dynamic, including the so-called ALU program
Intuitive control panel
adjustable 20-inch LCD monitor with excellent graphics
Balanced wheel rim data is entered not manually, but using an electronic touch knob (feels the distance of the rim and its diameter)
Automatic wheel width measurement with sonar
automatic measuring/balancing process
Direct digital display of unbalance in both planes of the wheel in grams
laser pointer to accurately indicate/set weights
program to accurately locate balance weights hidden behind wheel spokes
Fast optimization program
automatic wheel braking at the point of balance weight
Silent operation
The integrated self-calibration and self-diagnosis system significantly reduces the maintenance requirements of the balancer
Active protective cover with automatic balance activation after folding
standard equipment: central flange, 3 centering cones, rim width gauge, ballast weight pliers, calibration weight, wrench
High operational reliability, long service life and minimal maintenance requirements


power input power

rim width rim
in diameter
max wheel
weight working temperature
weight 230 V / 50 Hz
180 W
1 g
1.5" - 20" 10" - 24"

65 kg from 5°C to 50°C
60 kg
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