Wheel balancing machine WB600N Nortec

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Power source: 230V/50Hz_x000d_
Power: 180 W_x000d_
MAX. WHEEL WEIGHT: 65 kg_x000d_
DIAMETER DIMENSIONS: 10" - 24"_x000d_
Rim width: 1.5-20 inches_x000d_
ACCURACY: 1 g_x000d_
BALANCING TIME: 8 s_x000d_
NOISE LEVEL: < 70 dB (A)_x000d_
WEIGHT: 60 kg_x000d_
SHAFT DIAMETER: 40 mm_x000d_
98x77x118 cm PACKAGE SIZE_x000d_
Balancing machine for balancing monitors of passenger cars and light trucks LCD 20"
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