Remote diagnostics eTruck, D13620, TEXA

Reference: D13620
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Product Information

An innovative, space-saving device that allows the user to remotely monitor the condition of the vehicle and adjust the relevant parameters. The device is connected to the diagnostic connector (16 PIN OBD or Deutsch 9 PIN via the special adapter of HD American Trucks) and is configured in a few minutes.

The mechanic/repairer can access the heavy vehicle more easily with the help of a special app:
Condition monitoring and configuration of electronic systems is possible,
Sharing repair and maintenance plans with the driver and other responsible persons,
There is a feature to create and manage a detailed customer profile

The app feature allows drivers to:
Monitor your driving style,
Read data in real time,
Have diagnostic access to service the vehicle.

The vehicle fleet manager, in addition to the functions listed above, can also:
Download tachograph data and trip recorder information directly from the ECU,
Track vehicle maintenance status, see expiration dates, and share plans with workshops.
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