Induction heater POWERDUCTION 50LG 058491 IMS

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The ideal tool for mechanical and maintenance:
• essential to release steering linkage (wheel alignment).
• removal of glow plugs, seized up wipers, spare wheel crates.
• releasing of seized up bolts, releasing of steering ball joints without damaging the bellow.
• releasing of shaft drives seized up in the hub.
• removal of automotive or truck exhaust lines.

but also for car body work:
• removal of steel or aluminium elements assembled with glue.
• straightening of bent frames (if not HSS).

• High heating performance:
5200W, adjustable by steps of 500W. Heats up directly in the heart of the metal, at a depth of 6mm. Brings a piece of steel to red hot (around 1000°C) :

• Safety and time savings:
Immediate heating, without flame, on a specific area, allowing to work close to cables, pipes, or any other part sensitive to heat, without dismantling.
• Confortable to use:
3 metre long inductor cable, allowing to work at heights.
•Reinforced protection for the use with generators and against permanent overvoltage up to 400V (factory tested).
• PFC feature: Power factor correction: regulates and uses the power supply more efficiently.
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