Automatic transmission service station ATF Moovetech Ecotechnics

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ATF MOOVETECH station performs maintenance of automatic transmissions simply and reliably.
7 inch touch screen
Smartphone App - Connect via WI-FI to access status
Software update - USB key
Cross contamination - Completely prevented
Self-priming - Yes, but before each change of oil type, flush the pipeline with new oil
Used oil tank - Stationary steel tank, 25 liters
New oil container - Removable plastic canister, 20 liters
Capacity of oil cleaner accessories - 3 liters
Sump for sump oil collection - SMART DRIP system is provided
Oil filtration - 2x extremely high quality filters
Pump - High performance pump (up to 9 l/min.)
Emptying the used oil tank - With compressed air, easy emptying
Service hoses - 2x3 meters
Hose for draining used oil - 1.5 meters
Filling - From a 1 liter canister or bottle
Oil quality indicator - Transparent laminated tubes
Database - With pictures, diagrams showing the correct position of the connectors
Voltage - 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Working environment temperature range 5-55 °C / 10-95% humidity
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