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Universal diagnostic interface
Today, a diagnostic device is a must-have for any garage. Regardless of the fault, it is likely that each repair will require access to the ECU to clear fault codes or configure replacement components, operations that can only be performed using the diagnostic tool.

Now, even during regular maintenance, it is often necessary to use diagnostic equipment to reset the instrument panel lights, check, or activate various systems.

5 Environments in one device
The NAVIGATOR TXTs are the most comprehensive and versatile version that can be used in any type of vehicle.

Wireless means users can perform diagnostic tests and move freely around the vehicle and in the workshop.

The NAVIGATOR TXTs can perform all routine diagnostic tests, such as scanning for and deleting errors, displaying engineering parameters and activation status, setting and configuring an oil change, resetting the service and airbag indicator light, configuring VVB, keys, and remote controls.
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