Inverter GYSPOT BP.LC-s7 020757 GYS

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Product Information

• Ideal clamp for all types of steel work, light and easy to handle (5 kg):
• Single-ended gun with 2.5 meter cable: hammer welding, stud/rivet/ring, welding, carbon shrink
• Accessory box
• Support cable holder with telescopic arm
• 6-inch control screen
• Remote control on the clamp
The set includes:- C1 handle - one-way gun - grounding cable
• Welding current: - High welding current 13,000 A - Digital display of actual current value
- Audible warning if the welding current is too low - Direct current control
• Electrode force: - Electrode force control - Digital display of actual electrode hand force
- High clamping force: 550 daN at 8 bar - Liquid-cooled arms to the tips
- Audible warning if the actual clamping force is too low
• AUTOMATIC MODE allows you to weld without entering any parameters into the machine.
• 7 modes are available to meet the requirements of both end users and car manufacturers
• Easy to use: large screen (6 inches) with intuitive menus
• Saving user welding parameters
• Record the characteristics of each welding point performed on the SD card
• Playback of reports saved on SD card on any computer
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