Inverter GYSPOT BP.LG - 400V 023451 GYS

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AUTO mode: the machine automatically recognizes - steel type, sheet metal
thickness, plate adhesion and insulating material between HSS/VHSS/UHSS/boron sheets.
7 modes are available: normal, manual, multi, gysteel, auto, manufacturer and energy.
Tracking: The recording function saves the characteristics of each welding spot and puts it on the SD card
Easy transfer of saved reports to computer.
Welding current: 13,000 A
Compression force: 550 daN at 8 bar.
Water cooled power cables, electrodes and caps.
Maximum performance thanks to the new G-clamp concept and welding algorithm.
Convenient navigation using the 5.7-inch LCD screen.
Automatic adjustment of the pressure between the electrodes
Point calculation function to determine the maximum usage time.
Special welding of bonded sheet metals or hard-to-weld coatings.
Protected against overvoltage and overcurrent, as well as pressure drop or low current beeps.
BODYPROTECT technology that protects the user from magnetic fields (conforms to standard 2013/35/UE).
Strong and mobile, reinforced stroller that increases stability and maneuverability. 30l tank. Extra strong and dual size shaft (with or without extension). Support for the entire length of the outstretched arm. Integrated 6-arm support.
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