Screw inverter air compressor with a collector and a dryer CPVSD 10 270 D, 4152018555, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC

Reference: 4152018555
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Product Information

Collector capacity: 270 l;
Pressure: 6 - 13 bar;
Engine power: 7 kW;
Performance: 272 - 1225 l/min.;
Noise level: 64 db(A);
Dimensions: 1535x655x1550 mm;
Weight: 373 kg;

If and ORDER is placed before 2023.06.30 gifts are included:

1. Line Filter G
• Installed behind the dryer.
• To reduce oil and particles in customer application.

2. Timer drain on tank
• Installed under the tank to reduce the water load on the metal = increased receiver lifetime.
• Extras included.

3. Oil Water separator
• Dealer installation in customer premises.
• Collect all condensate from receiver, dryer and filter to this and then you can lead the condensate to drain.
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