Biologinė detalių plovykla su bio bakterijomis, Ocean wave, SRI-TECH [Ocean wave]

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Biological parts washer is an ecological, efficient, and non-polluting choice. Using natural regeneration function with the help of microorganisms oil products are dissolved , so it is no longer necessary to use harmful solvents. The washer fits perfectly in the service area, and the ecological washing process protects the environment and the employee.

The part washer has an integrated soaking tray for heavily soiled parts, control panel, washing liquid level indicator, an easily replaceable and convenient washing liquid brush. Also, there is a digital display for temperature, information and diagnostics.

Power Supply: 230 V;
Parts washer dimension (LxWxH): 795 x 600 x 975 mm;
Working area dimension (LxWxH): 690 x 430 x 190 mm;
Empty weight: 22 kg
Tank capacity: 60 to 80 l;
Soaking area volume: 11 litres;
Dimension (LxIxH): 260 x 270 x 140 mm;
Pump flow: 1140 l/h;
Heating Power: 1 kW;
Electric consumption - 160 W/H (ECO MODE 12H/day → 25% of electricity consumption)
Payload: 80 kg;
Standard temperature - 38°C (boost Mode: 43°C → +50% for cleaning performance)

BLUELIQUID liquid is a water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic surfactant liquid. It is necessary to create a favorable medium for the reproduction of microorganisms.
BLUE TABLET microorganism tablet - bacteria concentrate to maintain the effectiveness of the washing liquid. A small tablet, effective for up to 6 weeks.
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