Waste Oil Drainer A100 De-Luxe, 318-87, EUROLUBE

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Mobile waste oil drainer used for collection of all types of oils. The drainer can be used under lifts or inside pits. Unique oversized extension and large tool tray on top of the tank improves the work space. Design and performance top of the line. Do not use with inflammable or corrosive fluids.

Tank capacity: 100 l;
Inspection tank capacity: 10 l;
Max pressure discharge: 0,5 bar;
Suctions probes: ø 5 mm and ø 8 mm;
Suction probe performance:
ø 5 mm at 80C, SAE 30: 2 l/min;
ø 8 mm at 80C, SAE 30: 4,1 l/min;
MB, VAG, PSA and BMW adapters: 7 l/min;
Weight: 46 kg;

100 l tank;
20 l bowl;
Vacuum pump;
Set of probes (5 pcs.)
Safety and ventilation valve;
10 l inspection tank.
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