Elektrohydraulic 2 post lift 3.2T Ravaglioli RAV [KPH370.32R]

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Extra low profile arms, parallel to the floor. Double thread pads with a min. height of 75 mm only.
Rated load capacity 3200kg
Max. lifting height 1990mm
Lifting time 33s
Min. plate height 80mm
Max. plate heigh 120mm
Clear span between 2550mm
Clear span between (out) 3084mm
Column height 2875mm
Drive-through width 2280mm
Required ceiling height 4242mm
Telescopic front arms 3-fold
Telescopic rear arms 2-fold
Front arm length 500 - 890mm
Rear arm length 800 - 1250mm
Width 3305mm
Height 4162mm
Weight 750kg
Driving power 2,6kW
Power supply 400 V | 50 Hz
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