Electro-hydraulic two-column lifter with electromagnetic fixators, 4T, AQ41E, AutoEQ

Reference: AQ41E
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Product Information

Lifting capacity: 4 T;
Length of short lifting columns: 684 - 1025 mm;
Length of long columns: 925 - 1485 mm;
Lifting height: 105 - 1800 mm;
Lifting/lowering time: 45 s;
Outer height of lift: 2826 mm;
Distance between columns: 2820 mm;
Width of lift: 3420 mm;
Passage width: 2576 mm;
Engine power: 2,2 kW;
Power supply: 380 V | 50 Hz;
Warranty: 12 months.

Two-column electro-hydraulic lift with electromagnetic fixators. Two-cylinder system ensures smooth lifting and lowering of the car. 2 strong cables prevent the occurrence of a difference between the lifting level of the supports. Large distance between the columns ensures convenient work with various types of vehicles. CE declaration of conformity. Car lift is suitable for lifting passenger cars, commercial vehicles, 4×4 cars, “all-road“ vehicles.

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