[6110-1CTCAL] Dinamometrinis raktas 3/8, 5 – 60 Nm, 6110-1CTCAL, HAZET [6110-1CTCAL]

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Dynamometer wrench with DAkkS calibration certificate. The surface is covered with hard chrome. With ergonomic handle, easy to use. Easy and safe adjustment of the desired torque value by turning the handle. Knob for additionally locking the set value

Output: Square, solid 10 mm (3/8 inch);
Dimensions / length: 335 mm;
Tightening torque min-max: 5 – 60 Nm;
Tolerance: 2 %;
Scale Graduation (Nm): 0.5 Nm;
Actuating force min.-max. kg: 1.9 – 24.7 kg;
Number of teeth: 90 (Opening angle 4°);
Head Thickness a: 14.5 mm;
Head Width b: 32 mm;
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