Ozonatorius AIR2 SAN, G16050, TEXA [G16050]

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Ozonator in a stainless steel cabinet with dust and active carbon filters, designed for optimal disinfection of vehicles and indoor spaces. 99,99% effective against SARS-COV-2, STAPHYLOCOCCUS, ESCHERICHIA COLI.
It is recommended to use every time the driver of the vehicle changes.

O3 generation capacity: above 10 gr/h;
O3 generation chamber: Borosilicate glass;
Type of operation: automatic with controlled saturation;
Sensors: Ozone, Temperature, Humidity;
Noisiness: <80 dB;
Power: Max 80W;
Air flow volume: 210 m3/h each;
Dimensions: 335 x 182 x 208 mm;
Weight: 5,7 kg;
Power supply: 12 V (cigarette lighter socket) / 100-240 V (optional);
Standard bluetooth connection, and remote control via an app or IDC5 (AXONE NEMO).
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