[00 20 01 V15] Tool set for strollers (4 pcs) 00 20 01 V15 KNIPEX [00 20 01 V15]

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A tool set in a foam case for keeping tools neat and organized in a cart or desk drawer.
An excellent choice for those looking for an optimal ratio of comfort and quality.

Four pliers in a foam case: combination pliers x1; KNIPEX COBRA line water pump pliers x1; Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter x1; pointed side cutting pliers x1;
Convenient recesses for storing pliers;
Material: two-color, closed-cell foam;
Dimensions of the foam case, mm:
Width: 335; Height: 165; Depth: 33;

Total weight: 1121g;
Dimensions of the whole set: 335x166x33mm.
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