Dent puller GYSPOT PRO 230 052178 GYS

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Thanks to the maximum current of 3800A, the GYSPOT pro 230 body spot straightener is an ideal tool for straightening thin car body parts (hood, doors, roof). This body repair device is multi-functional, therefore complete. Thanks to low power consumption, a 230V source is sufficient for the device. Extremely convenient thanks to two pistols, one automatic, one controlled by a trigger, and a convenient control panel.
- It is enough to select two parameters: output power (from 11 levels) used tool (from 7 tools), there is no need to select welding current and welding time.
- Manual control: welding is performed by pressing the trigger when the tool touches the object being worked on.
- Automatic control: welding is performed automatically when the tool comes into contact with the object being worked on.

Technical parameters:
- Power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase (400V version available gyspot pro 400V, code: 052185)
- Fuse: 16A
- Average current: 2800 A
- Maximum current: 3800 A
- Voltage: 7.4V
- Dimensions: 225 x 360 x 235 mm
- Weight: 25.5 kg
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