Steel dent puller GYSPOT EXPERT 400, 058859, GYS

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Product Information

Power supply: 2phase, 400 V | 50/60 Hz;
Fuse: 16 A;
Average current: 3200 A;
Maximum current: 4500 A;
Voltage: 7,4 V;
Dimensions: 225 x 360 x 235 mm;
Weight: 31,5 kg;
Cable length: earth - 2 m, power supply - 8 m;
Modes: manual and synergic;
Available programs: 7 (Dent pulling operations, welding of wavy wire or pulling rings, dent removal using copper stars, carbon electrodes for steel shrinking, welding of keys for lateral rods, welding of rings for earth fixing, welding of studs to fix earth and connection cables to vehicle);
Designed to be connected to a 400V - 2ph power source with a 16A slow blow fuse. Able to deliver up to 4500A of power.

Supplied with:
Gun with trigger, 2 m, Ø 70 mm²;
Automatic sabre shape handle, 3 m, Ø 70 mm²;
Spotter box pro.


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