Battery charger GYSFLASH 125.12 CNT FV (5,0m cables) 028883 GYS

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The GYSFLASH 125.12 CNT FV is a high-powered charger: 120 A continuously at 25°C. It allows to keep
a 12 V lead or lithium battery at a perfectly stabilized voltage during the diagnostic phases. It will deliver
the best charging cycle recommended for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles on the market.
Its USB connectivity makes it 100% customizable.
• Charging : for 12 V Lead or Lithium (LFP) batteries from 20 to 1500 Ah.
• Diagnostics : supports up to 120 A for 12 V batteries in vehicles in the diagnostic
phase, in maintenance workshops.
• Showroom : provides continuous power when using the electrical accessories of a
demonstration vehicle. It also manages the optimal charging of the battery.
• Tester : Allows you to check the battery voltage, evaluate the starting system (starter +
battery) and the condition of the vehicle’s alternator
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