Battery charger-starter Startium 980E, 026506, GYS

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Product Information

Power supply: 230 V | 50-62 Hz | 1 Ph;
Current: 16 A;
Power: 2200 W;
Supported batteries: 12 - 24 V;
Battery capacity: 20-750 Ah (12 V), 20-525 Ah (24 V);
Fuse: 250 A;
Protection class: IP21;
Dimensions: 400x475x795;
Weight: 36 kg;

Delivered with: 2.5m cables and insulated clamps.

Suitable for all types of batteries: option to choose the type of charging curve - liquid, gel, AGM. If the type is unknown, you can choose universal mode. Maintenance is not required when charging the battery. The device automatically analyzes the battery and adjusts the output voltage. Protection against sparks. STARTIUM can charge batteries discharged to 1 V, except if the battery is damaged. Allows recovery of sulfate batteries. The device will automatically start sending current to the battery when the car's starter function is activated. No remote control required. Auto restart defaulting to the last settings used. Alternator test function to aid fault finding. Fault codes displayed on the digital screen for simple troubleshooting.
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