Battery starter-booster GYSPACK PRO 12.24 XL, 026711, GYS

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Designed to be heavily used, the unit is shock resistant and can be used in adverse weather. STARTPACK PRO 12.24 XL is particularly recommended for the following applications: recovery vehicles, truck repair centres, commercial vehicle operators, agricultural maintenance workshops, bus or construction vehicles depots etc.

Voltage: 12, 24 V;
Vehicle type: Passenger cars, Trucks
Inrush current(12V): 8500 A;
Inrush current (24V): 4250 A;
Fuse: 300 A;
Cable Length: 2x2 m;
Cable Cross Section: 70 mm²;
Weight: 71 kg;
Dimensions: 1040x520x430 mm;
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