Universali absorbento rūšiavimo sistema Toucan Pack, Toucan, SRI TECH [Toucan]

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The amount of waste is reduced 8 times with the help of the universal absorbent system. No greasy layer remains on the floor after use. The used absorbent is separated by sieving, the excess returns back to the general container. The used absorbent can be conveniently removed without touching the container.

Container dimensions: 1119 x 796 x 651 mm;
Weight: 24 kg;
Material: MDPE;
Capacity: 45 l;
Collection capacity: 18 l;
Dimensions of the used absorbent sieving capacity: 350 x 225 mm;
Dimensions of the external container: 395 x 196 x 520 mm;
External capacity: holds 1 absorbent bag or 200 absorbent mats;
Wheels: 4 (2 movable, with polyurethane tires and 2 fixed, with recycled rubber tires);

Absorbent system container;
Capacity for waste collection;

Large shovel;
Workshop paper roll holder;
Perforated plate;
Bag of FIBERCAN+ sorbent
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