3D Ratų suvedimo stendas, RAVTD3200HP.3, RAVAGLIOLI [RAVTD3200HP.3]

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LED lempų komplektas... LED lempų komplektas žirkliniams keltuvas RAVAGIOLI [VARS600NA1] €3,153.48 1 €3,153.48

Product Information

Min. tire size: 8";
Max. tire size: 24";
Max. wheel diameter: 910 mm;
Max. wheel base: 4500 mm;
External dimensions (LxWxH): 1020x630x1590 mm;
Power supply: 230 V;
Warranty: 12 months;
Made in Italy.

The RAV TD 3200xx series of 3D wheel aligning stands is a new generation innovation: no cross, no lifting mechanism and plenty of space in front of the lift. The measuring lasers are located between the front and rear targets, so alignment can be performed on various types of lifts. The stand is perfect for putting on the hole. Up to 8 hours of continuous work with one battery charge.
If you want to save money, and in the compensation phase of long wheels - order the alignment wall of this series with the 3-time quick mounting chuck STDA35E/3D.

Monitor TFT 27", computer with licensed software, keyboard with mouse and printer
Alignment bench targets x4 pcs
Alignment bench measuring lasers 2 pcs with batteries x2 pcs
3-point grippers for wheel alignment stand (2 pcs), STDA35E/3D, RAVAGLIOLI x2 pcs
Front shims, 2 pcs., S110A7, RAVAGLIOLI
Bracket mounting kit, 2 pcs., STDA162, RAVAGLIOLI
Brake pedal depressor, 10479 RAVAGLIOLI
Steering lock, STDA161, RAVAGLIOLI
Vehicle database, STDA110, RAVAGLIOLI EUROPEAN and AMERICAN cars

Front shims, 2 pcs., STDA124, RAVAGLIOLI
Vehicle database - 24 months free license
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