3D suvedimo stendas, RAV3D2.0WALL.4S, RAVAGLIOLI [RAV3D2.0WALL.4S]

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3D wheel alignment stand with a tablet with a 10-inch screen, with wireless Bluetooth connection, can be attached to the wall.Suitable when there is not enough space in front of the lift or pit. The batteries of the measuring chambers of the alignment bench with a quick disconnect system. The charging station has magnets, so the batteries can be easily removed and placed in place for charging. An LED indicator shows whether the batteries are charging properly. A special place to put your tablet.

Individual toe front/rear axle: +/- 20°;
Total toe: +/- 20°;
Toe-out on turns: +/- 20°;
Camber front/rear axle: +/- 10°;
Caster: +/- 18°;
SAI: +/- 18°;
Set-back: +/- 5°;
Set-back front axle: +/- 5°;
Geometric centre line: +/- 5°;
Thrust angle: +/- 5°;
Max. steering angle: +/- 50°;
Min. tyre size: 8";
Max. tyre size: 24";
Max. wheel diameter: 910 mm;
Max. wheel base: 4500 mm;
Weight: less than 14 kg;

With a wall-mounted frame, on which you can neatly place the tablet and the measuring heads, as well as the battery of the measuring heads. The batteries of the measuring heads are charging at this time.
10-inch tablet with a touch screen, a magnet on the back, and a charger;
Aligner targets 4pcs.;
Measurement chambers of the aligner 2 pcs. (with batteries)
Four-point clamp holders 4 pcs.;
STDA33EU/3D - with 4-point clamps;
STDA161 - steering wheel holder;
10479 - brake pedal depressor;
STDAPREMIUM - system update;
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