Compressor tester 40306 12V Avtodelo

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Compressor tester 40306 12V Avtodelo

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Product description

  • Intended for inflating tires of cars, minibuses and SUVs.
  • Equipped with additional tips for inflating rubber boats, mattresses, bicycle tires, balls, children s inflatable toys and other pneumatic equipment.
  • Designed for working from vehicle electric circuit with DC voltage 12 V.
  • Equipped with a standard plug for connection to the cigarette lighter socket.
  • Maximum generated pressure – 9.5 kgf/cm².
  • Pump capacity – 35 L/ min.
  • Electric wire length – 3 m.
  • Air hose length – 1 m.
  • Current consumption – 15 A.
  • Compressor is equipped with comfortable fabric bag for carrying and storage.


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